Detroit: Become Human

Icon - Calendar Released: 25 May 2018
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 27 Oct 2019
Platform: PlayStation 4


This feels a bit more like an interactive movie than a game. It covers the story of androids becoming self aware - becoming 'deviant', and fighting for their freedom. It tries to cover a subject that could be very interesting but ends up being a bit black and whItems. Very strong start but feels weaker towards the end. For a game that relies pretty much entirely on the dialogue, giving you ONE word to describe what your character might say is misleading and frustrating. Still, it's definitely worth playing and very memorable.


  • The motion capture for the actors is really well done; facial animations are top notch
  • Voice acting is great
  • Good moments of tension
  • Really memorable scenes and story
  • Innovative controls for interacting with the environment


  • The camera controls can be annoying
  • There are multiple quick time events in the game for important story events or characters surviving which rely on you pressing buttons within about 300ms
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