Released: 14 Sep 2021
Reviewed: 2 Apr 2023
Platform: PC

Deathloop is a puzzle game disguised as a first person shooter. It takes a while to realise that, and it falls into a strange niche between genres that I find difficult to place. Primarily, the game is a timeloop split into 4 times of day. There are 4 locations, and each of those locations can be visited at each time of day (mostly). The overarching goal is to work out how to kill 8 main characters all within the same day, by manipulating events to force them into certain places so you can take them all out. Alongside that, it looks beautfil, has great stealth and combat mechanics, a decent array of weapons, and some super powers that come from the Dishonored universe.


The reason I find it hard to categorise is because it's very much marketed as an FPS. You can kind of play it like that, but the real goal behind the game is the timeloop puzzle. You can stealth your way through the game or go in loud - but you're always looking for clues about how to progress the puzzle. The game will happily guide you from one marker to the next, which takes all of the mystery out of it - but if you choose to turn the markers off and try to work it out yourself, you quickly find that the game will only allow you to progress certain goals if you've already "met the exact requirements", even if you know how something should work.

I think the game is incredibly well made and clever. I spent the first 20 hours with the markers off, exploring everything myself and gearing up. However, once I was fully kitted out in powers and epic weapons, I suddenly lost interest and couldn't be bothered to finish it.. so I'm not really sure what that says. I'll probably revisit it to finish it, but I might also just read about how to complete the puzzle on YouTube. Either way, I definitely think it's worth playing - but for 30-40 euros, not 60.




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