Death Trash (Demo)

Released: 18 Jun 2021
Reviewed: 19 Jun 2021
Platform: PC

This is why I like the demo festival. If I'd seen this just on the store page, I would have brushed over it and ignored it as it looks kinda horror-like and really pixelated. Actually playing it is a really different experience; it feels a lot like a tiny pixel version of Fallout (with a similar intro); you leave a vault, and step out into a dangerous wasteland. There are levels, skill points, implants, stealth, crafting etc. Didn't get too far content-wise in the demo, but combat is decent both for melee and ranged and there are implants and abilities you can learn too. The world is a horrible wasteland, and you come across people who may help or try to kill you. Looking forward to it.

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