Days Gone

Icon - Calendar Released: 26 Apr 2019
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 5 May 2019
Platform: PC

Days gone

This is what happens when you want to capitalise on the success of The Last of Us and the popularity of open world games and combine it with a vehicle like Mad Max (PC). The result is a rushed, generic, forgettable zombie apocalype game with clunky mechanics, stripped-down crafting and repetitive combat.


  • Bike controls are horrible
  • Clunky UI for crafting and weapon switching
  • Melee combat starts out pretty well in terms of animations; hits connect with body partss and you can dodgeroll effectively. Just as well really, because the ranged weapon aiming is awful
  • Everything in crafting uses scrap, but you can only carry 10. Everything in the game can be crafted from scrap, rags and beer cans, which feels incredible shallow
  • Weapon durability and fuel consumption rates are ridiculous. Most weapons last for one encounter, and take 6-9 of your max 10 scrap to repair
  • In a game that focuses around a biker and his ride, the game fails in this area. The landscape is too cluttered to ride it effectively and the handling is terrible
  • It's quite pretty, but FPS while riding the bike is about 20
  • Deek talks to himself so much he sounds insane
  • Running around an infestation area looking for nests is dull and repetitive.
  • Sound design is poor; you should be able to hear where zombies are with all the noise they make, but they usually aren't where the sound effects would indicate.
  • Characters are underdeveloped and there's barely any history in the game of what caused the apocalypse or what the zombies actually are


  • Some voice lines play twice
  • Some subtitles show for voicelines which don't play
  • One of the early missions is about following a helicopter, which was invisible
  • Trying to close doors to keep zombies out teleports you to the other side of the door with the zombies
  • The settings say the game has auto aim and aim tracking, but it rarely works
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