Dave the Diver

Released: 28 Jun 2023
Reviewed: 5 Oct 2023
Platform: Steam Deck

Dave The Diver is a weird but well made game. Ostensibly it's a game about diving, but it's got so many other things going on that it's difficult to list them all. The main gameplay loop revolves around diving during the day, finding fish and condiments, then running a 2-minute restaurant minigame in the evening to sell your catches. There's a pretty lengthy main quest about saving a race of mermaids from a magic tree causing earthquakes & loads of other sidequests. The gameplay is solid (if a bit grindy) and it's mechanically well made. My only real criticism is that there are SO MANY random mechanics added that are only skin-deep and they feel like a bunch of kickstarter stretch goals.


One of the things I find so strange about this game is the huge number of mechanics they added. So plus points if you want to spend lots of busy time with these. The downside is that they're all very shallow. List of mechanics:


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