Cyberpunk 2077

Icon - Calendar Released: 10 Dec 2020
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 17 Dec 2020
Platform: PC

Cyberpunk 2077

At time of writing (release week), Cyberpunk is a buggy mess that is absolutely not ready for the public. Even after being delayed 3 times it's unstable, buggy, inconsistent and poorly optimised. It's also missing a ton of things that were promised in 'gameplay' trailers. This is a running list of notes for the review, which I'll update sometime in 2021 when they've fixed the game.


  • Hacking is a main game mechanic and a viable style for combat
  • It's gorgeous on ultra. It just doesn't run well
  • There are multiple ways to complete quests
  • Gun sounds are brilliant
  • Fully voice acted, convincingly
  • Main missions are exhilarating and immersive. Like seriously brilliant and memorable sequences. Quests are the absolute highlight of the game
  • The city is really detailed, full of things to explore


  • Your background affects the first quest, plus dialogue options. Nothing major after that
  • 'Quickhacking' means that during a gunfight, you have to start scanning an enemy, stand out in the open, be able to see them, then scroll through a menu to select the hack. This makes it really clunky to use in combat and would be better if you could bind quickhacks to hotkeys.
  • By default, 'crouch' is the same button as 'skip dialogue'
  • Your first set of upgrades as part of the main quest (eye optics) don't add anything you couldn't do already, which is confusing as a player when it's meant to feel like a 'major upgrade'
  • Cars handle really poorly. Even the super cars feel like hovercraft on ice skates
  • At some point during development, 'car customization' got dropped. There are no garages to repair, just re-summon and it's magically fixed or steal a new one
  • Poorly optimised
  • Can't use health items while driving
  • If I shoot someone and steal their car, no one cares. No one chases me and the wanted level drops after a few seconds
  • If you're hacking enemies through the camera network, they literally just stand there not even moving while they burn to death
  • The city is lifeless. It's full of NPCs who don't react to anything, spawn in randomly, and walk through you
  • There needs to be an option to reset attributes, not just perks
  • The UI is confusing. I guess they were going for 'unobtrusive', but it just makes it hard to find things (like RAM capacity)
  • Why can't you hack cars?
  • Cars become 2D images at about 100 metres, and start just popping in or disappearing. This is normal for optimisation, but shouldn't happen within close visual range. Just use your scanner to test it.
  • You can't change your appearance at all after the start of the game


  • Tooltip for Intelligence that says it increases RAM capacity by 4% is incorrect
  • In the Stats screen, it's showing 0 for DPS and all other stats, even though I have 3 weapons equipped
  • In the training area with the 'mix of enemies', the last enemy spawned outside of the area and wouldn't move, and I couldn't shoot him
  • Some weapons have 0.0 DPS on them even though they have damage. Sometimes they're missing stats
  • Some guns are missing icons in the UI [fixed]
  • The mirror in my apartment only shows my hair, no body
  • Sometimes NPCs just disappear
  • NPCs don't have shadows (ultra settings)
  • You can't pick up items that are near people, or partly obscured
  • Once I had my first implant installed in the main quest, I got a quest to "talk to viktor" and couldn't, so couldn't progress any further [fixed]
  • Jump off a building. If you survive with low health, your health starts regenerating slowly. Next time you press space bar to jump, you die instantly
  • When you have a wanted level, cops literally just appear out of thin air next to your car instead of actually chasing you
  • Some NPCs are T-posing
  • In The Afterlife the first time, the dialogue options with Claire stayed on the screen after I left
  • Sometimes an enemy will teleport away and back again, or flicker in and out of existence
  • In the mission circling a building in a helicopter, it just kept circling forever even though all the NPCs were dead [fixed]
  • Got past that by reloading an autosave, then ran into another progression stopping bug 2 minutes later when an NPC I needed to kill walked through a wall
  • Changing clothes keeps the same mod equipped
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