Cult of the Lamb

Released: 11 Sep 2022
Reviewed: 17 Nov 2022
Platform: PC

Cult of the Lamb is an unusual mix between "roguelike" (well, run-based) combat and settlement building. Both sides of gameplay are very highly polished, but overall very simplistic. There are 5 gods, and 4 of them imprisoned the 5th. You get sacrificed, and the 5th god brings you back to life in exchange for starting a cult and killing the other 4. The combat part of the game is roguelike runs at the bosses where you go from room to room killing baddies. In between that you grow a cult, gather resources and build things so they can worship you and generate devotion, which is used to buy combat and cult upgrades. It's an interesting balance, but ultimately a bit shallow in both halves.




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