Released: 7 Nov 2014
Reviewed: 15 Sep 2019
Platform: PC

Really like the art style, but as I always feel with the genre, "This would have been better if it weren't a roguelike". There's no gameplay reason for this to be a roguelike other than trying to add replay-ability through randomisation. You have to play the game 5-6 times before your heroes are the correct level to fight the final boss. They can't heal, so your only healing comes from shop-bought items. I had to mute the music because it was so repetitive. The combat is actually ok; it's a turn-based hexagonal grid where positioning, health, armour, crit and dodge all play a role. Final ending was a cop-out excuse for more roguelike. On the whole, probably wouldn't bother.

Whilst I'd like to recommend it because it's clearly been developed by a one-man team, it's probably a 'maybe'. Sound design is good, although the combat music is extremely repetitive. The game encourages you to explore the map, but penalises every move with time passing and enemies getting stronger. In the first hour of playing:
- An enemy with 4 hitpoints died after taking a hit for 3 damage.
- I used a healing item on a dead part member, and the UI said he gained 2 health but stayed on zero
- At the beginning of the game, the king says "All your other siblings failed and died, you are my last hope". But when you fail and die, the game says "You failed on your quest to save the king. But all hope it not lost for you were not his only child!"
- When you visit a jail, the game says "You could easily end up rotting in here if you were caught alive", then in the next window it says "The jail warden asks you for help"...

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