Core Keeper - Early Access

Icon - Calendar Released: 22 Feb 2022
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 27 Feb 2022
Platform: PC

Core keeper

I knew from the first time I saw the trailer for this last year that I was going to love it. You start in an underground chamber next to an ominous glowing statue with nothing. You start mining your way into the darkness heading towards some sparkles and discover copper. Half an hour later you're armed to the teeth, hauling your latest loot back to base where you'll refine metal, cook some more food and attend to the farm. This is taking the best vibes from Stardew & Terraria and putting them in a really well polished game with building, crafting and survival mechanics. It looks like there are bosses to unlock the statue you start next to, and a progression system through metals. Love it.


  • Tiny detail, but when you mine - you can aim at the walls 45 degrees around you, not just the one immediately 90 degrees to the side
  • Lighting is really pretty. Torches flicker, walls obstruct torchlight
  • There are different character backgrounds (not a big detail, but a nice touch)
  • Nice background music
  • Combat feels good
  • Similar world / character system to Valheim where your character can join multiple worlds
  • There are skill trees
  • Bosses
  • There isn't much ore, so finding some makes a meaningful difference, and makes the skills worthwhile


Ability to add map markers. I've found two "veins" that I need a drill for, but no way to find them again later

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