Carcassonne: The Official Board Game

Released: 29 Nov 2017
Reviewed: 11 May 2020
Platform: PC

I'd never played Carcassonne and a bunch of us picked up the Asmodee deal on Humble Bundle. I'd seen the board game all over the place but never picked it up, and this mobile adaptation does a decent job of letting you play a faithfaul adaptation of the board game online with friends. As a PC game, it's fairly crap - you need to be signed into Asmodee in addition to Steam, accepting invites does nothing until you go back to the menu screen then click 'resume' on the game you were invited to. The interface is huge and doesn't show player names unless you click the portraits. It's literally just the mobile version playing in a larger window.

At least that means that people can join a Steam game from their mobiles though, which is good during the virus outbreak when non-gamers are looking to join in with whatever devices they have.

Carcassonne itself is much more enjoyable than I thought it would be and has a lot more depth than just trying to complete what you were working on.

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