Blasters of the Universe

Released: 31 Aug 2017
Reviewed: 5 Oct 2019
Platform: PC

A VR bullet-hell shooter in a 1980s style. I really like the customisation; you can change your barrel, frame, clip, sights and ammo which gives an enormous amount of options for how to play. The guns feel pretty good to shoot. Although the 'bullet hell' aspect of the game is one of it's main selling points, I found it a major annoyance. The key to bullet hell games is an awareness of everything on the screen, and sometimes planning a route through it all. In VR, you can't see 75% of the environment, so you're often hit by something you can't see. Sometimes you do see it at the last second and have to flick your neck out the way or duck, potentially causing injuries or whacking furniture.

The AI for each enemy type is very simplistic; they always behave the same way. Although I think this is forgivable, seeing as the main point of the game is dodging their attacked, and it's also meant to feel like an 80s arcade, where each enemy type DID behave exactly the same way.
The guns are good fun, but I always end up rage quitting.
The main bad guy's voice actor is an annoying twat, and his voice lines are repeated all the time.

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