Bear and Breakfast (Demo)

Icon - Calendar Released: 18 Jun 2021
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 21 Jun 2021
Platform: PC

Bear breakfast

I've seen this mentioned on a few sites, and it's really worth trying out. You are a bear. On a walk through the forest with your animal buddies, you discover an abandoned set of buildings and an old lady. You decide to help her renovate the area into a bed and breakfast for tourists. Everything is hand drawn, the dialogue is charming, and it looks like the gameplay of designing rooms and fulfilling guests needs could be really interesting. It's not going to be AAA management, but it's cute, has a lot of attention to detail and is really relaxing.


I love that you're given dialogue options to choose from, but when you speak to the lady it just says "Excited bear noises", and she still understands what you said.

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