Icon - Calendar Released: 9 Mar 2020
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 30 Sep 2021
Platform: PC


If you enjoy building games where you're not just making pretty stuff but also considering the physics of your designs, you cannot go wrong here. Avorion gives you a huge amount of freedom in an easy to learn editor, to build your own ships and space stations. There's a huge amount of satisfaction in designing, then building a ship that you can fly around in. There's also a huge galaxy full of factions, economy and trading. I got absorbed in the game just chilling out, designing spaceships for weeks. The devs have recently overhauled the game with 2.0 & made it really intuitive for new players too. I hope they continue making many more games with as much love and care as this one!


  • Incredibly detailed building system that's easy to learn
  • Good performance
  • Ability to set up an automated empire of ships, miners and factories
  • Can design your own ships and space stations
  • Great controls
  • Intelligent autopilot
  • Ultra widescreen support with super sampling
  • You can pilot any ship you own
  • You can hire captains and get them to pilot your ships for you and go on expeditions
  • Decent in-game encyclopaedia
  • Tiered building materials, all with different attributes


  • If there's a lot of stuff in a sector, loading times get quite long. There are a lot of loading screens in general - every time you jump
  • I'd love to be able to interact with the planets more; they're literally just background images now
  • Trying to equip multiple ships with similar gear is a real chore. There's no window for equipment overview of a fleet, so you have to just take everything off them and try to distribute equally, manually
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