Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Released: 10 Nov 2020
Reviewed: 15 Dec 2020
Platform: PC

The more I play Valhalla, the more I love it. It started out as another typical AC game, but I'd actually compare it more to The Witcher 3 than other games in the series. Ok so it's not quite as deep in story as TW3, but I actually really enjoy the story in this game, and I couldn't tell you anything about what happened in Origins or Odyssey. The series is now fully rooted in open-world collectathon action rather than stealthy city assassins, but this one actually gets it right.

Yes, the original genre of the series is dead, and the developers have basically dropped the over-arching storyline, but this is the first successful conversion to huge sprawling open world; way better than Origins and Odyssey.




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