Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Icon - Calendar Released: 10 Nov 2020
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 15 Dec 2020
Platform: PC

AC Valhalla

The more I play Valhalla, the more I love it. It started out as another typical AC game, but I'd actually compare it more to The Witcher 3 than other games in the series. Ok so it's not quite as deep in story as TW3, but I actually really enjoy the story in this game, and I couldn't tell you anything about what happened in Origins or Odyssey. The series is now fully rooted in open-world collectathon action rather than stealthy city assassins, but this one actually gets it right.

Yes, the original genre of the series is dead, and the developers have basically dropped the over-arching storyline, but this is the first successful conversion to huge sprawling open world; way better than Origins and Odyssey.


  • The story is what keeps me playing. Conquering England bit by bit, and meeting lots of memorable fully-voiced characters along the way
  • Combat is visceral and great fun
  • Lots of special skills that border on godlike
  • Gorgeous. Runs much better than Watch Dogs Legion
  • I'm glad that actual assassins are back in the game
  • You can respec skill points around any time you like
  • There was a proper "wow" moment the first time I reached a hill in England and had the whole countryside set out before me
  • England is absolutely gorgeous, although it feels a bit more like storybook England than realistic. It's too orange and colourful
  • Lots of references to previous games
  • Exploration is rewarding. There's stuff EVERYWHERE
  • As always, you can climb anything, and movement is really fluid


  • Open world games that encourage you to go anywhere shouldn't have loot that shows up on a map that you can't get yet because it's locked behind a sidequest. There are lots of places with loot markers that are only accesible later
  • While stealth is still possible, it's now completely pointless as it's much faster to just run in and smash everyone
  • "Checking for addons" for 10 seconds every time you start the game
  • As always, 'made by a team of multiple gender identities' nonsense
  • Most of the intro sequences at the start of the game are 30fps video, with constant audio stuttering. The rest of the game is in-game models, so it's weird that they only use that at the start
  • Can now switch gender at any time, and there's a "let the animus choose'. None of that makes sense.
  • The devs have completely given up on the over-arching story, or even bothering to explain why there's a modern day component. New players will have literally no idea why there's suddenly 2 minutes in a modern day setting talking about an animus
  • Considering all the effort they've gone to to make the longship believable; vikings rowing it, sails, retractable sail for bridges etc, I find it rather weird that when they're playing a song, there's no viking in the boat with an instrument
  • Although the sense of scale is enormous and majestic, it does just mean there's a ton of travel time between places


  • There's a key highlighted in London that isn't there
  • When I arrived in London, I just went exploring. I ended up in a temple with quest letters in it that were highlighted but I couldn't interact with them yet
  • If you've been playing for more than about an hour, taking a screenshot crashes the game
  • Crashed about a dozen times in 50 hours
  • Sometimes there are NPCs standing in fields just staring ahead not moving
  • London's audio is all echo-ey and sounds like you're in a cave permanently
  • There's a world event near London's docks where the marker shows up, but the NPC isn't there until you complete the main quest
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