Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: China

Released: 21 Apr 2015
Reviewed: 17 Aug 2018
Platform: PC

Picked this up on sale recently at 75% off - and I'm glad I did. Not glad I bought it, just glad it was 75% off. The movement is mostly great, although transitions between the 2.5D planes can be clunky. There's a scoring system that makes it feel like a mobile game, and a combat system which is TERRIBLE - but that's excusable when you shouldn't be seen. However, it's one of those games that is 99% stealth and occasionally forces you in to melee combat which is always bad design. 7 hours in, I had no idea what the controls for melee even were when it threw me in to melee with a boss. Forgettable story, laughable (literally) voice acting. "This gate has two wheehs. I'r have to open dem boat".

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