Anno 1800

Released: 16 Apr 2019
Reviewed: 3 Jan 2020
Platform: PC

Beautiful and ticks lots of the right boxes, but some key aspects of playing a game like this are missing. Trading between islands is still a huge pain in the ass because it's impossible to set proper controls on trade routes so islands don't get completely emptied. The statistics feature has at least been added (6 months after launch) which makes it playable - but the more the game goes on, the more you have to micro-manage trade routes which sucks a lot of the fun out of building beautifullly well managed islands.

- Taxing graphically, but extremely pretty with good hardware, lots of detail
- Beautiful music
- Expeditions are a nice new choose-your-own-adventure type addition, and tie in perfectly with finding new animals for your zoo. Unforunately, because they push multiplayer (in a game that can take 50 hours to play), the game never pauses, so trying to read the expenditions can lead to ships getting destroyed or islands falling into disprepair.

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