AER Memories of Old

Icon - Calendar Released: 25 Oct 2017
Icon - Edited Reviewed: 16 Sep 2018
Platform: PC

Aer memories of old

Beautiful, uplifting (pun intended), relaxing and short. The feeling when you first leap to the skies and transform in to an eagle is wonderful, and it's hugely complimented by the soundtrack. I don't think the screenshots really do it justice or explain the game entirely. I was expecting a flying game, but the flying is really just an interlude between 3 dungeons. Non-combat, low difficulty; it's mostly standing on buttons. There were several spots in the dungeons where I was just wandering around looking for what to do next though, which was a little frustrating. Comparable to ABZU, but in the sky instead of underwater. A little steep at full price for 3 hours, but well worth playing.

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