A Short Hike

Released: 30 Jul 2019
Reviewed: 14 Jul 2023
Platform: Steam Deck

This little gem was so unexpected, both in how good it was, and in terms of what the game was like to play. For some reason I had expected a walking simulator, but it's actually a really well written and designed short adventure game, with lots of little side quests, characters and movement abilities as you make your way up a mountain on an island. Everyone is an animal and staying on an island where people go on outdoor pursuits holidays. From your cottage on the beach, you decide to make the hike to the top of the mountain. On the way you meet lots of fun characters, find lost things for them, and hunt for Golden Feathers, which are used to power double jump, flight and sprinting.


I can highly recommend this to everyone. It's made by one guy, and instead of how I usually say "cut it some slack, it's a single dev", there's no need - it's excellent and joyful to play. You can finish the whole thing in a couple of hours, and there are also more achievements to do if you want it to last for longer. It's very highly polished, accessible, and fun.



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